Course Feedback

Course Feedback

We feel it’s important to keep an eye on how well our sessions are being received and all participants have the opportunity to give their views by scoring and providing feedback. Here’s a selection of the comments we have received:

Very well delivered, clear & concise way of delivering content & getting across equality law & why its relevant to everyone.

Extremely well delivered and informative session.  An eye opener in many ways, which has increased my knowledge of what is considered a hate crime and how to respond.

Excellent delivery, interesting and informative.  Always involving the group fully.

Would highly encourage other colleagues to attend.

Complex subject simplified.

Good course, interesting, met objectives, very well presented & knowledgeable trainer.

Did think it would be dull & dry, but actually very interesting & informative.

Definitely, The Genderbreadman will be an excellent resource as its young people friendly.

Really interesting, informative, enjoyable and useful for future work.

Better understanding of legal issues, how discrimination may affect people – really helpful with consultation work as I am working with a wide variety of people in many different circumstances.

“…training courses can sometimes be boring, but this course kept me interested the whole way through.

Very well structured, brief but absolutely to the point.

Very clear, perfectly timed.  No pointless confusing information given.

Varied techniques helped overall e.g. pub quiz, IT visuals etc & definitely explained the whole Trans - certainly more than I was originally aware.

Thank you for de-mystifying so many areas.  This has increased my awareness of background to any future ceremonies and what couples may have experienced.

Gave me answers to Questions re positive action that I had previously not had.

Very interesting, not a standard presentation format.  Just the right length of time.

Thought I had a very good understanding of equalities, but have widened my knowledge today.

When working directly with families and service providers, the course will be particularly useful.

Extremely good, very interesting with lots of group activities and discussion.

Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable day! The biology lesson especially helped my understanding of this subject.  I am looking forward very much to Same Sex Marriages within Carmarthenshire.

I would feel more confident discussing/advising on this subject following this session.

“…it takes the subject out of the legislative framework and puts it in the human arena.”

We also deliver awareness sessions in schools and the following feedback has been given by pupils aged 13 – 15 in respect of our Anti-Homophobia and Anti-Social Behaviour sessions (we have used their language without correction):

  • I learned that it is not right to bully people if they are Gay or Lesbian
  • Yes, I know that a lot of people are inspired by this subject to stand up for themselves
  • It showed that no matter what sex you like its normal if your gay or by and that its okay
  • Yes because it should how can you like gay people
  • Because it showed that gay people are just normal it really got me thinking
  • It got me thinking for how gay people feel
  • Because i didnt think about it before + the 3rd video made me understand
  • It was very useful because it shows us what bullying could actually do
  • He explained it very well and it took him guts to learn people that there is nothing wrong with gay people
  • Yes showing that anyone has they’re rights
  • Yes because it was sad how some people treat others
  • Yes it shows your sexuality doesn’t matter
  • Yes because it shows that liking the same sex is ok

  • Because it makes you think about you being in that position and how you’d feel if you were being bullied for being different
  • Because there was a hard hitting film in there that made me think about what effects of homophobic bullying can do people.
  • It got me to think about the situation around the world with different people.
  • Yes it did because it showed how loving the same sex is normal and the same as loving the opposite
  • He explained good and asked our opinions
  • He made us a part of the lesson and to express our opinions
  • It made me think of the consequences there are to crimes
  • Yes, because it showed what anti social behaviour means and what happens when it happens
  • The subject of anti social behaviour was put across well make us think of how we act outside of school
  • It made me think about the effects anti-social behaviour has on people
  • Made me realise that anti social behaviour is very serious and can end someones life