Schools Work

Equiversal Young Diverse Group

We’re keen to work with schools and deliver awareness sessions to meet your needs and to fit in with the school curriculum.

We’re particularly excited to be working with the Iris Prize festival on an innovative approach to tackling homophobia while at the same time enabling pupils to develop further skills as film makers, programme selectors and festival directors. Contact us for more information on this programme.

Here’s a selection of the highly interactive school sessions we’ve delivered over recent years:


Utilising engaging methods we’ve worked with pupils from 12-18 years of age to discuss the issues of homophobic bullying in schools and to develop strategies to address this.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We look at why we have rules and the impact of breaking these.  What is the cost of Anti-Social Behaviour to society and you as an individual.

Hate Crime awareness

What happens when people target others simply because they are different and what this may lead to.

We’d be happy to discuss any particular issues you may have and to work with you to develop an appropriate resource.