Training and Awareness

As mentioned in our Consultancy section we’ll work with you to decide the best solution to any issues you may face.  Where this identifies the need to deliver an awareness session we’ll work with you to design and deliver the most appropriate session.

We recognise the different learning styles of participants and our sessions include a variety of methods enabling people to absorb theoretical information and identify with the issues experienced by others.  We feel it’s essential to engage with everyone who comes on our training sessions whether they are Senior Management or school pupils.  You can read how well we do as far as this is concerned on our website’s Feedback pages and if you’d like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch here.

Equiversal Training and Awareness

Below you’ll find the aims of sessions we’ve delivered in the past and a sample of the feedback we’ve received.

Respect & Dignity in a Diverse Workplace

To give participants an opportunity to examine Respect & Dignity in a Diverse Workplace

“It has made me more confident in challenging colleagues behaviours”

“I have been on diversity training a number of times but this was much more accessible” 

Equality Act 2010 Awareness

To give participants a brief overview of the Equality Act and discrimination prohibited under the act.

Short, but succinct and comprehensive course which helped in updating my awareness – will be useful in my work place

Hate Crime Awareness

To raise awareness of the impact of hate crime on individuals and on our communities and consider ways to address it.

Extremely well delivered and informative session.  An eye opener in many ways, which has increased my knowledge of what is considered a hate crime and how to respond 

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Awareness

To increase understanding of the issues experienced on a personal, community and institutional level by LGB people.

I found the course very helpful and enjoyable, training courses can sometimes be boring, but this course kept me interested the whole way through.

Transgender Awareness

To raise awareness and understanding of the issues facing transgender people in both employment and access to services.

“…it takes the subject out of the legislative framework and puts it in the human arena

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 LGB & T Awareness

To consider the issues faced by members of the LGB & T communities and how the Act may affect them.  This bespoke session was delivered to Registrar office staff across South Wales and it was refreshing to receive the following comment from client:

The sessions were just what we asked for – fun, interesting and informative. We look forward to working with you in the future.”